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How Heal Helps

From Pain to Purpose

While grieving the loss of her mother in 2009, Chevelle created HEAL as a means to fill a grief/loss aftercare void within her community. 


During the subsequent years, she realized the focus should not primarily be on loss. In 2015, HEAL-LLC was reborn and we now assist people who are navigating a variety of transitions that may occur during one's life.


We Support You 

HEAL understands everyone's cultural, ethnic, or faith systems are of equal importance. Recognizing we are all

multi-dimensional beings, we pride our self in honoring intersectional identities. Each of our client's personal values and belief systems are taken into account during the healing process.


Your personal belief system is a part of who you are as a person and an integral part of your healing transition. Therefore, we never show discrimination based on race, age, ability status, faith system, sexual orientation or gender identity/expression.


HEAL recognizes that each life transition

is substantial and may include a grieving process that is unique and personal.

Testament to Our Impact

"I met Mrs. Moss-Savage in 2016, she along with students and faculty were advocating for a gender inclusive bathroom in our academic buildings. At that moment I could see her passion and commitment to creating an affirming college campus, for all our Trojans. Since our initial introduction, Moss-Savage has championed administrators, faculty, staff and students on the importance of creating a living and learning environment to be inclusive of the true intersectional nature of our student body. Virginia State has garnered National recognition and awards due to our commitment to inclusivity and a lion share of that credit is due to the work of Mrs. Moss-Savage.

We look forward to our continued work with her as we strive towards intersectional inclusivity."


-Makolah M. Abdullah, Ph.D

President Virginia State University


Our Programs & Services 

Psychotherapy Offerings

Consulting Services

Individual or

Group Therapy



Organizational Workshops

Diversity & Inclusion


LGBTQIA+ Organizational 

 Best Practices

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